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Portfolio constructs growth-share diagrams thru processing the user's inputs on market growth rates, relative market shares, and importance values. Sample data are provided for tourist receiving countries and the tourism generating countries in their 'portfolios' of markets. The test data file SMPLDAT.GSM contains 12 tourism generating countries.


The Growth-Share Model of portfolio analysis is adapted to the needs of tourism marketing on national level in the following case study: Mazanec, J.A. (1994), International Tourism Marketing, Adapting the growth-share matrix, in: Montana, J. (ed.), Marketing in Europe, Case Studies, Chapter 11, London: Sage; a Teaching Manual is available under the same title (also by Sage Publications).

Various examples of strategic analysis applied to tourism marketing are reported in these books:

Teare, R., Mazanec, J.A., Crawford-Welch, S., Calver, St. (1994), Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism, A Consumer Focus, London: Cassell.

Woeber, K. (1994), Expertenschaetzungen in touristischen Entscheidungsunterstuetzungssystemen, Forschungsergebnisse der Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Wien: Service Fachverlag.

Zins, A. (ed.) (1993), Strategisches Management im Tourismus, Planungsinstrumente fuer Tourismusorganisationen, Wien-New York: Springer.


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Portfolio for Windows


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